Matheran via Garbet point – Long though beautiful journey!



Matheran is one of the splendid places for a picnic for all seasons but in monsoon, it turns into trekker’s playground.there any many points to trek Matheran.Garbet is one of them which looks very beautiful surrounded by many waterfalls at one side and long hill ranges at another side.

About Matheran

Matheran is one of the beautiful hill stations in Maharashtra located at 90 km from Mumbai.This place was discovered by Hugh Poyntz Malet, the then district collector of Thane in 1850.Matheran is located at an elevation of 2625 feet above MSL. It covers an area of 8 square kilometers in Sahyadris, The Western Ghats. It has also been declared as the eco-sensitive region by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India.


Due to easy access and near to Mumbai it became a very popular weekend gateway.The hill station is also a home to the large population of monkeys including Bonnet Macaques and Hanuman Langurs. This place is a haven for snakes from harmless keelbacks to pythons to deadly cobras and vipers.

The trek:

It was Saturday, 9:00 AM on the clock and we started our journey from Bhivpuri Road.After a walk of 15 mins, there was a beautiful lake in our way.


The way to Garbet plateau goes across the edge of the lake which makes the start of the journey very beautiful and exciting.

After crossing water stream we started climbing the first hill.



As it was first few days of monsoon and it’s a time for farmers to plant rice. view from the top was very pleasing.


after an hour of walk, we reached a village called. we took a small break and then started climbing another hill which was very sloppy and straight.

It started raining heavily and we were at a good height where the path is covered with fogs.before we reach Garbet plateau we pass through Hanuman caves.


the caves are not good maintained but look good as covered with green grass. When we look back from the top it was the very long way that we covered through the water mountains villages.


15 minutes from Hanuman caves and we reached Garbet plateau and it was the very pleasing view of the plateau. Greenery everywhere! beautiful valley at one side and Many small/large waterfalls at another side.



we went to the west side of the plateau and pleased with the panoramic view of the surrounding through the fog. small small waterfall across the plateau are flowing in opposite direction due to high air pressure.


we had some rest there in such a pretty surrounding and again started walking towards Garbet point.this is a part of Trek where one has to be very careful as this route is sloppy narrow and there may be the pressure of air.After climbing we reached Garbet Point of the Matheran and finally, we felt glad that we climbed almost 20kms.


There are 2 ways coming out from Garbet point take the right one and keep walking until you get train tracks. it was 30 mins journey into the jungle for us. and we reached Aman lodge station of Matheran. and by local taxi, we came back to Neral and then home by lots of beautiful views stored in eyes!




One thought on “Matheran via Garbet point – Long though beautiful journey!

  1. A precise but beautiful account of the trek! A couple of corrections though- the village below Garbett plateau is called Sagachi wadi & the distance from Bhivpuri to Garbett point is 8 Kms!
    Cheers & keep trekking 🙂


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