IMG_5549.jpgAbout Kolaba fort:

Kolaba fort or kulaba fort is also known as Alibaug fort and about 2km from Alibaug inside the Arabian sea.


Maratha Empire Shivaji refreshed this fort after entire south Konkan went under his rule. The fort built in 1680 to strengthen the security and made kolaba as one of the naval stations.

The rule of the fort was given to Darya Sagar and Manik Bhandari under whom Kolaba fort turned into the middle of Maratha and attacked British ships. In 1713 under the decision with Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath, Kolaba along with a few different forts was offered over to Kanhoji Angre.

On 4 July 1729 Kanhoji Angre died on the Kolaba fort.In 1729 many buildings were destroyed due to a major fire incident near the Pinjara Bastion.In 1787 another major fire incident took place in which the Angre Wada was destroyed. In 1842 the British sold the wooden structures in the fort by Auction and used the stones for the construction of Alibag water works.

Best time to visit: Anytime except for monsoon.

Difficulty Level: Very easy

Approx exploration time: 3-5 hours

Entry fee: 15rs per person.

How to reach:

From Mumbai
Mumbai – Kurla – Navi Mumbai – Ulwe – Chimer – Pen – Vadkhan – Poynad – Alibaug – Kolaba Fort.

From Pune
ST buses are available from Pune (143kms)

The fort is about 25 ft (7 meters) above the sea level.one can reach the fort by getting rides from Alibaug beach but when there is low water you can walk for 15-20 mins to reach the fort.

Fort has two entrance one from Alibaug side and other from the seaside.


There are carvings of animals and birds present on the fort walls. Carvings of animals like tigers, peacocks, and elephants can be seen on the entrance arch.


Close to the gate, there are temples of Padmavathi and a Mahishasura and other gods.

The fort has small rocks windows after a certain interval of distance which was built to keep watch on the surroundings.


There is dargah of Haji Kamaluddin Shah on the fort.This fort also has beautiful Siddhivinayak temple facing north.This temple was built by Kanhoji Angre.


One interesting fact about this fort is this fort has wells of freshwaters and people living on the Fort get freshwater even in monsoon though they are surrounded by sea.


There are a couple of houses of the people who live there and takes care of the fort. the place looks amazing from the top view.


You can also visit other beaches near kolaba fort.

Places to visit near kolaba fort
1. Albaug beach
2. Varsoli beach
3. kihim beach

Kolaba fort is one of the best places to see the beauty of the Alibaug beach and surrounding during sunrise and sunset. I’ve got few clicks of the surrounding sharing those below.

Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (1)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (2)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (3)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (4)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (5)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (6)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (7)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (8)Kolaba fort out of offiice ajay (9)

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