Avenue to sunrise.. Gadeshwar Dam Panvel

“Best Place around the city to visit in the morning with friends/families” thats how I can describe this beautiful place in a one sentence.

Its a Dam which is almost 7 km from Panvel railway station and still very quit and natural place to be with.

How to reach
you can drive from Panvel station to Gadeshwar Dam which will take approximately 30 mins.
One can also get ST bus from Panvel ST depot. Bus are available at the interval of 1 hour below is time table of ST bus.

Once you reach,you’ll find trees planted at the gate of the Dam.
Though you cannot go till another end of the dam as it is not allowed due to security reasons,you”ll truly fall in love with the views that you will see through the time of sunrise.
You can hangout around the dam as it covers lot of area where you can have fun!

You”ll get some Awesome outdoor clicks here for sure as dam is built in front of Matheran hills. There are lots of activities that you can do to spend time with your friend and families.

You can get a return bus from Gate of the dam to reach Panvel station

Few things that you need to remember are

  • There is nothing that you can get to eat or drink not even water better you carry all the things that you need.
  •  Do not stay in there for long time after sunset
    There is no fees to enter the premise
  • Swimming is not allowed inside dam.
  • Here are some of clicks captured by me.







The squad


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