Nisarga parichay kandra (SGNP)- Nature walk cum mini trek

When winter has just started and you are up for beautiful and exciting nature trails, you might search for a location to hang out. The Nature Information Center is one such beautiful destination where you must go if you are interested in wild flowers, butterflies, birds and regional plants. The Nature Information Center (Nisarga Patriarchy Kendra) is a part of the Sanjay Gandhi National park and is situated in Thane.


This place is around 8 km from Thane station and next to famous resort Tiku ji ni wadi. One can easily get auto or bus from Thane station to reach there.


The park opens at 6:00 AM in the morning. You can get your day pass at the main entrance by paying 44 Rs. Please see the rate card below if you are going by your own vehicle.

Soon you enter the park, there is butterfly zone and its a real treat for your eyes as you can find many butterflies hovering around – I’ve got some clicks on them.


After watching birds, on your way to the top, you’ll also see a small lake. This lake can be dangerous as its a breeding center for crocodiles. After having looked at nearby scenario we started the journey towards our main destination that is towards the top of the hills

while passing through dense forest you”ll see amazing views there and city started appearing into trees.

 after a walk of around 25-30 mins we reached at the top and the location was like any village on hill station there are couple of houses are there and people do farming we reached at the top of hill had some awesome shots of surrounding view and city.


after resting for some time we started our return journey. it took around 30 mins to reach at the main gate again. though t was a journey of 3-4 hours it made our day as we had such a beautiful and memorable moments .





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