Adventurous trek to Mahuli – highest point in Thane district

About the fort:

About Mahuli Fort:

The creator of this fort is unknown. In 1485 this place came under rule of Malik Ahmed who was the founder of Nijamshahi. When Shahaji Raje became the secretary of Nijamshahi, Adilshahi and Mughals of Delhi together tried to end Nijamshahi. In the year 1635-36, in difficult circumstances Shahaji Raje transferred himself with Jijabai and Shivaji to Mahuli. Khan Jaman, son of Mahabat Khan beleaguered this fort. Shahaji Raje asked for help to Portuguese. They refused and Shahaji Raje surrendered himself.

Shivaji took this fort from Mughals on 8 Jan 1658. In 1661 it was given back and was won again by Shivrai. In treaty of Purandar, in 1665, Marathas lost these forts again. The Moghal sardar Manohardas Gaud was the in charge of this fort. He did much construction on the fort. In Feb 1670, Shivaji Maharaj tried to conquer Mahuli, but failed. Thousand of Marathas were killed by Moghals. It was a bad blow to Marathas. Even after this victory, Manohardas Gaud, the chief of the fort gave up his position and a new chief Alveerdi Beg was appointed. On 16 June 1670, after two months, Moropant Pingle conquered the forts and Mahuli, Bhandargad and Palasgad became part of Swarajya.

Getting there.

We have visited the this fort in late mansoon and it was one of the best trekking experience which I ever had.

Our journey to Mahuli forth started at 7.00 in the morning we took local train from thane and reached Asaonagon at 8.30 approx. then we hop in rickshaw which cost us Rs 250/- for 4 seats  .

Thought the road to Mahuli village was not that good but  green farms,chirping of birds in between and beautiful views of surrounding  made that journey pleasing.

IMG_6387.jpga small dam and a waterfall welcomes us to the village of Mahuli.

One can see pinnacles of the  Mahuli forth from the base village itself which were covered by fogs .

Mahuli trek mumbai (1).jpg

The village of Mahuli has a temple, which provides accommodation to trekkers for overnight stay.Please note his mobile number too +91 92095 26268. One can book meals over the phone . Then we had some tasty breakfast made by locals. and we started our journey.

Mahuli trek mumbai (3).jpg

As this fort along with its surrounding jungle declared as sanctuary they have provided markings and maps which helps you in navigation. Entry fee for the  sanctuary s 20 rs per person.

Mahuli trek mumbai (4).jpg

It was getting humid and the ascent becoming steeper. though it was rainy season, it was not raining at all  but suddenly we saw clouds passing from Mahuli forth and it was raining.

Mahuli trek mumbai (6).jpg

After 1 hour we reached the section where the walk along the ridge and that was best part of the trek as it was awesome view from the top and greenery everywhere.

small mosquitoes and other insects roams there and you will get some good macro shots but at the same time you need to have some preventive measures to avoid mosquito

Sometimes it rained, sometimes it was the blue sky. But now our destination looked near to us.

after that we reached at final  and critical part of the trek where path was full of rocks. there is ladder provided to avoid climbing on rock which allows one parson to go at a time

Mahuli trek mumbai (23).jpg

once  we crossed ladder we reached a plateau . the view was just getting better! there and had a small break .

This trek took us around 2.30 minutes will take you longer if you travel in a larger group

There was a small temple of Mahuli devi which was built by shahaji raje we had some food there.

Mahuli trek mumbai (29).jpg

There are small small waterfalls in between and you can enjoy there after few minutes, we were surrounded by fogs and it was raining heavily. it was raining in the sunlight. and we saw some awesome views of nearby villages from top from there.

The fort has many things to see (Palas gad , Bhandargad,Lake and few pinnacles).If you want to visit pinnacles  you need to spend night there.

We started decent. There was a long queue on the ladder that we had climbed up, to go back home. we reached base  village after 2 hours and  had some food and hired rickshaw to go to asangaon railway station.


few details :

Entry fees : 20 rs /person

Timing : Open

Trek Level : Medium

Best for – Nature Lovers, Photographers, Waterfalls

Best time to visit :Rainy season

Parking : available at base village

  • do carry 2/3 liters of water as this trek takes approx 3 hours
  • wear full sleeves cloths as there are many mosquitoes and small insects.
  • Passing through ladder is critical part of this trek.
  • Parking / Food (veg/n.veg ) is available at base village


One more A memorable trek!  🙂


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