Trek to korigad (Kumwarigad)

About fort

Korigad is a famous hill fort in Lonavala, in Pune District.The fort is built by Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1657 .This fort witnessed several battles between the Marathas and the British army, and finally on 14th March 1818, this fort was conquered.


It is about 929 m above sea level. the fort can be visited in anytime in the year but if visit in rainy days you will love the  beauty around this fort through fog and rains

Route :

Korigad trek is an easy trek that takes about 1 hour to reach the summit.

One can reach korigad by public transport,there are ST ( state transport) buses available from lonavala depot to peth (base village)  after every  1-2 hour till 3.00 PM .But its always preferred to go by own vehicle as ST bus frequency is less and there are chances to cancel Buses from base village due to heavy traffic in rainy season

korigad lonavala pune trekking (4).jpg

Passing through such roads is awesome experence

There are two ways to reach the top of the fort. The first way, and the one that this trek takes, comprises a series of steps which take you all the way to the top of the fort. The 100 odd steps take about 45 mins/ 1 hour to climb


The second route is the shorter route (the ones used by the Marathas to escape the fort)is tricky and requires you to pass through dense jungles and bamboo trees.

There are simple staircase available to reach on the fort

korigad lonavala pune trekking (24).jpg

korigad lonavala pune trekking (18).jpg

korigad lonavala pune trekking (35).jpg

korigad lonavala pune trekking (29).jpg

walls of fort

korigad lonavala pune trekking (47).jpg

Lake on the fort

places to see on fort:

  1. Two lakes on the fort
  2. korai devi Temple
  3. Canons Near Korai devi temple
  4. beautiful view of surrounding
  5. beautiful view of Aamby Valley city

Availability of food / parking etc.

There is a facility of parking at base village also there are couple of hotels at peth village near bus stop.

Difficulty level : easy

few clicks of ours :

Overall it is a nice simple and mesmerizing experience !!


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