Mama Bhanja hills – one day mansoon trek

The Mama Bhanja hills comprise of Mama Hill and Bhanja Hill. Base of these hills is located at Lokmanya Nagar, which has a cover of dense trees. Trekkers can park their vehicles at the base, and then walk for about 50 metres to start trekking.

Upon climbing further, they would reach the Mama Hill, which is full of hard rocks. Once they reach the top of this hill, they would find the Mama Dargah. Steps leading to the top of this hill are quite wide and made of rocks, which would be of great convenience for trekkers during their climb.

For an average person, it may take an hour to climb the hill. In the middle of this climb, trekking enthusiasts can take a break and relax at a place called Mastan Darbar. Upon reaching the top of Mama hill, they would come across a junction, to the left of which is Bhanja Hill. This junction is called the Mama Bhanja Hill Ridge by many trekkers, and it gives some beautiful views of Thane city, National Park, and the Tulsi and Vihar lakes. Small streams are also visible at certain points if the trekkers happen to visit this place during monsoons.

Upon reaching the Bhanja Hill, the trekkers would find a shrine called Bhanja Dargah. According to certain historical records, the Mama Bhanja hills are 400 years old.

Location : Around 5 kms from Thane railway station.
Timing : 6.00 AM – 5.00PM
Entry fees: free
Trek level: Easy
Best for – Nature Lovers, Photographers
best time to visit :Rainy season

Do’s- Carry 2 ltrs of water and some fast food.

Do not wear shorts if you want to reach till Mama/bhanja hills,as they will not allow you to go near to dargah


Dense and beautiful trees at start of trek



way to  hills is made of staircase of rock


you come across such small waterfalls


Here you reached at hills!


View from top – towards Boriwali





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