kacharali lake – Thane

Thane, the city of lakes, has 35 lakes encompassing an area of about 40 Ha which are of considerable ecological significance for the Thane city.

Kacharali lake is one of the best and well maintained lake in thane. Lake is well connected to city that you’ll get rickshaw till you reach the gate of Lake

It is more popular because of its cleanness. People enjoy morning walk and jogging at kacharali lake. Lake is Situated exactly opposite to the TMC building (Thane Municipal Corporation).There is a small island with artificial water fountain at the centre of the lake and jogging track surrounded by it  and this makes the place even beautiful. Ganesh temple is there in next to lake. TMC has maintained small garden where children love to enjoy. Lake also have boating facility which start at 4.oo AM and ends at 9.00 PM.  if you are a Cat lover then Don’t miss this place to as you’ll find many Cat’s roaming here and there especially in the morning.

If you are visiting lake in the morning time/Evening time you’ll see few birds  and witness fishing.

Overall it’s a good place to hang out, Jogging , Boating and photography




Ganesh temple @ Kacharali






View of lake having small Land at the centre


Instructions for vistors



Fare chart for boating



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