7 Popular Things Invented By Indians Which Became Famous Worldwide

Popular Things Invented In India Which Became Famous Worldwide.

India is a land of many wonders. Indian inventions have become famous worldwide and globally accepted. Here is a list of things which have their roots in India and have become popular presently.

1. Yoga ! Derived from the sanskrit word ‘yuj’ means to unite. Born in India 26,000 years ago which is popular worldwide now.


2. In 2nd Century BCE Pingala,Indian Scholar used sanskrit word ‘shunya’ to represent ‘zero’.Arya bhatta also used zero in his research. What ever the technology or the advancement we are living in is a result of this famous invention.

3. The Game of Chess was invented 1500 years ago in India.


4. Plastic Surgery! Unbelievable but its true. Indian’s mastered Plastic surgery in 2000 BCE

Popular-Things-Invented-In-India-35. Indian’s started using carbon pigmented ink for writing scriptures from the 4th Century BC.


6. The World’s first university ‘Takshashila’, started the marking of school/College education World wide.


7. Indian’s started cultivating cotton during 4000 BCE. Where as the German’s where using the fur of animals to cover their bodies. They soon came to know about this and rest is history.


Proud to be an Indian!!


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